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Tips for securing Instagram accounts from hacker attacks

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Securing Instagram accounts from hacker attacks

Instagram is a social media platform that has more than 500 million users. The number of downloaders on PlayStore displays numbers of more than 1 billion downloads. This is what makes Instagram prone to hacker attacks, because the assumption is more users of a product, there will be more crimes targeting the product.

The attack carried out by hackers is targeting Instagram user accounts themselves. This makes privacy and user account information can be published or stolen, and worse, Instagram accounts that are hacked can be misused by hackers. Then how do you make your Instagram account safe from hacker attacks, along with actions you can take to anticipate this.

Make passwords unique and difficult to guess

Never create an Instagram account password that is easy for others to guess, for example : “initial name, date of birth, or name of boyfriend”, the password is easily guessed by others, especially those closest to you. Make a password that is as complex as possible using capital letters as well as characters such as a fence sign, dollar symbol and parentheses, then also use random numbers on your Instagram password. And try to copy your password in your notes.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

This method allows you to enter a unique code. Every time you log in to a different device, Instagram will always ask you to enter the code on the device you are going to use. How to activate Two-Factor Authentication: You enter in the “Settings” menu in the upper right corner, then you will see the Two-Factor Authentication option found on the “Account” menu.

Activate by sliding the tab on the mobile screen, then Instagram will automatically send a verification code to the telephone number registered on the Instagram account. If you have not registered a telephone number on an Instagram account, Instagram will ask you to enter the active telephone number you are using. After that enter the verification code that has been received to get a unique code.¬†Instagram will ask you to save the image in the form of a list of unique codes. You can use these images if you want to log in to another device, so you don’t need to send re-verification.

Avoid log-in on other people’s devices

When you use Instagram on a friend or other person’s device, and you forget to log out, it can cause the device to access your account, because Instagram accounts can be run on many applications on one device. And if you are using your account on someone else’s device, forget to always log-out your Instagram account. But not by going to the “Settings” menu and then selecting the “Log-out” button, the page is wrong because the device can still access your account by reading your account username.
The right thing you can do when you log out of someone else’s device can be done by deleting your account on the device by: going to “Settings” then selecting the “Remove Account” button. The purpose of removing an account does not mean removing your Instagram account but deleting your account data from the device you are using.

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