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Illegal access to information on your computer or storage can be done from anywhere even remotely, if the intruder accesses your data using the internet network or, physically, this can happen because the intruder controls your device. Of course you can protect yourself from these two threats by improving the security of your data and network devices.

To avoid the above, you can use a number of precautions to protect all data on your computer. That way your important information will remain safe from intruders.

Two ways that can help you secure data. First by encrypting your data, so that data cannot be read by anyone other than you, or by hiding it so that the intruder cannot find the data. Maybe some tools can help you do these two things, including FOSS or commonly called VeraCrypt, a tool that can help you to encrypt and hide your important data.

• Encrypt information on your computer
• Risks that may occur with encrypted data
• Protect data in a USB memory stick, if data is lost or stolen
• Steps that can be taken to hide data from intruders

The password to enter the Windows desktop is easy to uninstall. Anyone who uses your computer, can turn on and use the LiveCD to copy all data without having to enter your correct password. If they damage or take away all your data, the problem will be very large. In addition to entering Windows passwords, you also don’t feel safe with Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat passwords

Encrypting data is like storing data in a locked safe. Only the person holding the key can open it. The analogy is done by VeraCrypt and similar tools that make a security place called ‘encrypted volumes’, so you don’t check data security every time. You can also save many files in one encrypted volume, but files or files stored outside this program will not be protected as well as your USB memory stick.

Storing confidential data can be risky for you. Encryption reduces the risk but does not eliminate it. The step to protect important data is to reduce the amount. If there is no reason to store certain data or categories of information in a file, you should delete them. The second step is to use a good encryption tool.

Maintaining data security is important. Many people are concerned that using encryption will be difficult for themselves. Although this is one way to secure data that is very safe, but still few people do it.

You might not worry too much when you are “caught” because you have encryption software on your computer or usb, but the biggest concern will arise because your encrypted volume will very clearly tell you where you store the data / personal information that you protect. Even though maybe no one can read it, but they will know that the data is there and you have done something to protect the data. This can result in intimidation, extortion, interrogation and torture from those who want access to this information.

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