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With this free hacking tool that has a 98% success rate you are able to hack almost any Snapchat account in the world only by knowing your target's username. You don't have to worry about your anonimity at all! Your connection is redirected through 15 proxies before using the tool.

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About our Snapchat Account Hacking Tool

Hello everyone and welcome to our website! We are hosting here the first working Snapchat Account Hacking Tool in the world. It took us one year of continuous developement in order to create the tool that you can see and use here today. Our team has put a huge amount of work for creating this snapchat hacker and also a lot of work in giving it the perfect design. As you can see, it is really simple to be used by everyone and this is possible thanks to Mark Peterson and Jeff Harlson who have managed to create a simple and efficient interface for it.

As you may know, Snapchat is a independent company that has grown very much in the last years. This is because of it's simplicity and the fact that everything you send there will be deleted after 24 hours, atleast this is what they want you to believe. Of course nothing is deleted and everything is stored inside their databases for a long time and the proof for that is the fact that our tool can access and recover everything you or your friends have ever sent using that Social Network.

What do i need to use this tool?

Here comes the best part, on our platform everything is FREE! You can hack as many accounts as you want by using our Snapchat hacking tool, but you should keep in mind that by hacking more than 10 accounts per day, you are starting to raise red flags. So, don't be too greedy because this tool won't go anywhere and you can use it every day!

Why is this tool free?

We are not requesting any money because we have been paid already. Yes, we have been funded by a person (we cannot reveal his identity due to privacy reasons) to begin and complete this project. Why? Well, he thought that with a pretty small amount of money he could hire some professional hackers and show the world that the place we are all heading to would be much safer if those Social Media Platforms like Snapchat would protect our information better.

With a team of only 6 members, we have managed to access and even control the product of a huge company which is being used worldwide by almost every teenager and this is not so funny after all.

Isn't this illegal?

No! This is not illegal at all. First of all, we can asure you that you are not being exposed at any risks by using this tool because we are not using any hacking methods. We have created this hacking tool only by exploiting Snapchat's bugs and glitches. We can not provide any further information on this because the project does not belong to us and it is not our right to give informations from inside.

Note. This project has been supervised and analyzed by our lawyer Robert M. Smith (GUID 5eec8cb3-f130-41bf-935a-8c38a2891592, EMAIL: and in conformity with the Legal Frameworks for Hacking by Law Enforcement of Europe we have been cleared to release the project. You can find the Terms here.

How about my anonimity?

Our programmers have created a system which is exporting proxies and private network addresses from a constantly updated database in order to keep you and your identity safe from anyone who is trying to trace you. The average number of proxies which are used when you or anybody else is trying to hack a Snapchat account is of 15 and that makes it an almost impossible job for someone to trace back to your computer. Also for security reasons, we are creating an indirect connection between you and the server where the tool is located. By doing this, we are excluding all the situations where your IP address is discoverable.

We are taking all the necessary precautions for your anonimity while using our hacking tool. This, unfortunatelly, doesn't mean that you should not be carefull while using it. We strongly advise you to clear all your cookies and data that might lead someone to this website.

Note! All those security measures are only to protect your real identity from the persons you might try to hack. As we said above, there are no reasons to be afraid that you are doing something illegal because you are not. Those precautions are only here to ensure you a comfortable and secure experience on our website.

How to use Snapchat Hacker - STEP BY STEP

>1. Find your target's Snapchat username. You can do this by searching for your target in your Snapchat Friends List or you can use any other way.

>2. Come back to our website. Come back to our website and insert the username you have just found out into our hacking tool.

>3. Click "Start Hack". Simply press "Start Hack" and let the tool do it's job.

As a conclusion

We hope you have learned how to use the tool and that you will give it a try. Snapchat Hacker is completely free for anyone in the world and we have developed it so you can have the best experience on our website. This is probably the only real Snapchat hacking tool on the internet and it is free, we strongly advise you to trust us and to give it a try! We wish you the best and for any informations regarding to this tool, you are welcome to write us an email.